Saturday, July 20, 2013

Infraction - Teaser

Excerpt from chapter 11

Stepping out of the shower I felt relaxed and refreshed. I toweled off my body and hair, then wrapped the towel around my torso. I hobbled through the door, but didn’t get far when I was assaulted by one of the most sensual and sexy sounds I’d ever heard.

I turned to find Nathan standing next to the bathroom door, his hand wrapped around his hard weeping cock, pumping with all his might. His eyes were dark, heavy, and clouded; his breath coming out in pants between his curses.

It was at that moment I realized he had heard me, my voice echoing off the tile bathroom walls. He’d been listening to me through the door.

I stood there, watching him, and found myself right back where I was before my shower. I should have known it would do no good. He was a sexual creature and my body was always drawn to his.

I noticed that his left hand gripped the door frame so hard he was leaving indentations. Probably to keep him from doing something he thought we would both regret right then.

Wanting to help him out I opened up my towel, exposing my naked body. The reaction I received had me panting for him. His movements sped up; groans and moans slipped passed his lips along with the dirty words I loved to hear.

“Touching yourself in the shower, my horny, dirty girl? Making me so hard I can’t think straight!” he hissed, his hand furiously pumping his cock. “I want to shove my dick so deep, baby. My little fucking cock tease.” He licked his lips and took a deep breath then steadied himself with his hand on the doorjamb. “You’re dirtier than anything that can be washed off, that’s how much of a filthy little slut you are for me. Only for me. Need another shower? Huh? Too bad. You’re not getting one, not after what you just did to me. You’re going to watch me and drip. That’s what my girl gets. That’s what I’m going to give you – a throb, an ache so deep it never goes away.”

His jaw was tight, and his face wild with lust, his body almost shaking as his urges took over.

Heat moved through me, my face hot, lips parted as my breathing became more labored. My nipples tightened from the air and from his eyes as they greedily devoured me. It was intoxicating to watch his fist move up and down his shaft, twirling a bit at the head. My pussy ached with how much it wanted him.

He threw his head back, curses streaming from his lips, as hot streams erupted from the head of his cock and landed on his shirt. His body relaxed against the wall, breath coming out in heavy pants. I’d never watched a man do that, and it was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or the moisture seeping into his shirt.

My heart raced in time with my throbbing pussy. Fuck, he was going to kill me. I’d have a heart attack soon if he didn’t take me.

He dropped his head and gave me a look of relief mixed with his cockiness since I was gaping at him, and then he moved to the bathroom to clean up while I headed toward the bed. I sat down on the edge and fanned my face in an effort to cool down, but it didn’t help as my whole body was in flames.

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