Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kismet, the final 12??

Butterflies in my stomach for the results of TWCS's Making of a Masterpiece contest top 12 tomorrow. Kismet is up against 15 other stories. Time will tell!!!

Book Cover

After much consideration, I have decided to split Breach up into 2 separate books. Why? Because it is simply too long. It reaches the maximum page length unless I want to reduce the text size, but I don't want to squint to read. Do you? Also, Reciprocity is not going to be as long as Breach.

Below is the cover designed by the talented L.J. Anderson who you can find here:
Please check her out as she is not only wildly talented with book covers and banner, but writing as well.

This was created prior to the decision to split the book up, and I believe will actually be the cover to book 2,  Infraction.


Welcome one and all!! This is the place to find out all about the Breach series along with any other publishing projects I have going. This is very much a WIP blog at the moment, so stay tunned!