Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reciprocity Teaser

I looked down to watch her spread around my cock as I plunged in. The sight made me shudder, glued to the hypnotizing view. Fuck, it was perfect. God damned exquisite.

“Such a good girl,” I said. My fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her head back. It was the perfect leverage needed to pound her hard.

I needed to fuck her into oblivion. Destroy her—destroy us both.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Infraction Release Giveaway Winners!

The winners of the Infraction release giveaway are in!!

Breach Tote Bag -  Lauren Duncan

I've been Breached bumper sticker -
Natalie Martinez
Cindy Holleran
Elizabeth Shuey
Fiona Mckelvey Keenan
Andrea Palmer

Breach Car Magnet -
Lacey Greathouse
Emily Clark

Breach Fridge Magnet -
Devon Sizzleandswoon
Jenya Akhtar
Kathleen Cryan-Jordan

Please message me your address so I can get these out to you as soon as possible!

Thanks so much!!
K.I. Lynn

Monday, September 16, 2013

Whispers in the Dark on Barnes and Noble!

Whispers in the Dark is now available on Barnes and Noble! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rock on Honeybears!

My stalkers were on this pirating issue like a bear on honey! They were all determined to help me find out who leaked the book.

After much investigation, they were able to bring my trust back.

It is a scam site, and can be dangerous to your computer. They all tried to download it, and none of them got it. My computers antivirus wouldn't even open the page, but that is common occurrence for me with pirating sites. I looked up the site name that it blocked, and it was a site run by a "make money off of survey's" type site. With that knowledge, I'd say the book isn't even really there.

Please help me in reporting this person who is using my name and MANY other author names in this online scam: 

you will need to go to the bottom to Spam, phishing, and malware. It will take you to a new page where you will need to enter the website:

Thank you all for your help, and especially my Honeybears!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Breach of Trust

Wow! I'm honestly shocked and appalled right now.

Why? You ask.

Because Infraction is already being pirated!

Well, your stuff is already pirated, KI.

Here's the difference: Infraction isn't for sale yet, which means it was one of my ARC reviewers.

To whomever is pirating my years of hard work - you try it and see what it feels like when people pirate your thousands of hours of work.

That is really sickening and makes me rethink how I'm going to do ARC's in the future.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Infraction - Teaser

Excerpt from chapter 11

Stepping out of the shower I felt relaxed and refreshed. I toweled off my body and hair, then wrapped the towel around my torso. I hobbled through the door, but didn’t get far when I was assaulted by one of the most sensual and sexy sounds I’d ever heard.

I turned to find Nathan standing next to the bathroom door, his hand wrapped around his hard weeping cock, pumping with all his might. His eyes were dark, heavy, and clouded; his breath coming out in pants between his curses.

It was at that moment I realized he had heard me, my voice echoing off the tile bathroom walls. He’d been listening to me through the door.

I stood there, watching him, and found myself right back where I was before my shower. I should have known it would do no good. He was a sexual creature and my body was always drawn to his.

I noticed that his left hand gripped the door frame so hard he was leaving indentations. Probably to keep him from doing something he thought we would both regret right then.

Wanting to help him out I opened up my towel, exposing my naked body. The reaction I received had me panting for him. His movements sped up; groans and moans slipped passed his lips along with the dirty words I loved to hear.

“Touching yourself in the shower, my horny, dirty girl? Making me so hard I can’t think straight!” he hissed, his hand furiously pumping his cock. “I want to shove my dick so deep, baby. My little fucking cock tease.” He licked his lips and took a deep breath then steadied himself with his hand on the doorjamb. “You’re dirtier than anything that can be washed off, that’s how much of a filthy little slut you are for me. Only for me. Need another shower? Huh? Too bad. You’re not getting one, not after what you just did to me. You’re going to watch me and drip. That’s what my girl gets. That’s what I’m going to give you – a throb, an ache so deep it never goes away.”

His jaw was tight, and his face wild with lust, his body almost shaking as his urges took over.

Heat moved through me, my face hot, lips parted as my breathing became more labored. My nipples tightened from the air and from his eyes as they greedily devoured me. It was intoxicating to watch his fist move up and down his shaft, twirling a bit at the head. My pussy ached with how much it wanted him.

He threw his head back, curses streaming from his lips, as hot streams erupted from the head of his cock and landed on his shirt. His body relaxed against the wall, breath coming out in heavy pants. I’d never watched a man do that, and it was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or the moisture seeping into his shirt.

My heart raced in time with my throbbing pussy. Fuck, he was going to kill me. I’d have a heart attack soon if he didn’t take me.

He dropped his head and gave me a look of relief mixed with his cockiness since I was gaping at him, and then he moved to the bathroom to clean up while I headed toward the bed. I sat down on the edge and fanned my face in an effort to cool down, but it didn’t help as my whole body was in flames.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Infraction mini Teaser

Tagged by RE Hargrave on Facebook:

The rules... Go to Page 7, 70, or 170 of a current Work in Progress or recently published work and choose either the first complete paragraphs or 7 lines of dialogue to share. Paste to FB and tag 7 other authors to do the same.

First lines from Infraction, pg 7


Tears slid down her cheeks. “I thought you were dead. There was so much blood. Nathan saw you and lost it. He had a massive panic attack, which I wouldn’t have known the signs if it wasn’t for you. It was…terrible to watch, much worse than when I watched you. They had to sedate him before, I don’t know, he had a heart attack or something.”

“Why?” I questioned confused. Why did he care?

“Why what?”

“Why was he having a panic attack?”

She stared at me with her eyes wide before she leaned in. “Lila…because he thought he’d lost you, he thought you were dead.”

“He didn’t have me to lose.” My breathing picking up as the emotional pain tightened my chest. “He threw me away.”

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Infraction Teaser

I'm working on the first round of edits on Infraction and I came across this scene. It seemed perfect for a teaser. ;)

While it had been Sarah who took me to the hospital for my appointment, it was Nathan who took me home. With prescriptions already digitally en route, we drove to the drugstore that wasn’t far from our building.
“I’ll be right back,” he said as he pulled on the handle to open the door
“Wait, I can’t go with you?”
I needed out and, damn it, he was going to take me out. I’d been cooped up for weeks, and suffering from a serious case of cabin fever.
“I’m just going in to pick up your meds; I’ll be back in a minute.”
With that he left me sitting alone in the car, staring at the brick wall in front of me. Fifteen minutes later, which had seemed like forever, Nathan returned. He was so tense he moved with almost a stiff limp. Instead of walking to the driver’s side door he opened mine.
I quirked my brow at him as he cursed under his breath. “They won’t let me fucking sign for your meds.”
It wasn’t until he leaned into the car and his arms moved under my body did I understand. A smile broke out on my face.
Agitation seeped from him as he pulled me out, but he seemed to calm somewhat when my arms wrapped around his neck.
My eyes were happy to have more stimuli, and I was looking everywhere like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted him to let me down so I could explore, but I knew there was no way he would.
We walked up to the pharmacy counter, maneuvering past the small line of people. “Here she is.”
I turned to look at the pharmacist who pushed the paper for me to sign. A quick signature and then Nathan shifted, juggling me a bit. He pulled his wallet out and I tried to protest, but was met with a glare, silencing me. After payment was made he handed me the bag and turned to walk toward the door.
Hell no.
It was my first adventure out of the hospital or the house in nearly two weeks, and I was going to make damn sure I made it last.
I looked at him and said, “Hey, while we’re here there are a few things I need to pick up.”
He turned to me. “Just give me a list; I’ll pick them up for you later.”
“But, we’re already here,” I argued.
He sighed. “I need to get you back to bed.”
My jaw clenched. He was being difficult, and I was going to get my taste of freedom. I stared at him, our eyes locked in some silent battle.
“Put me down.”
“Put me the fuck down!”
He glared at me and took a deep breath. “You can’t even stand.”
“Fine, there’s a motorized cart at the door; I saw it when we walked in.”
Another silent argument with our eyes before he relented with a huff. We were headed toward the door again, but just before, he detoured to the cart that was stationed there, plugged into the wall.
He sat me down, grumbling about needing to get me home. I’d been home for a week now; it wasn’t going anywhere.
As soon as I was on the seat, my casted leg extended, I was off.
I raced away from my captor like a bat out of hell…or like a crippled lady on a scooter, but it was the imagery that counted. It took him two strides to catch up. After all, I was racing at about three miles per hour.
I started out aisle by aisle, adding things to the cart. I didn’t even know or care what was going in, but I sure as hell was having fun.
Nathan wasn’t. He was pissed, still limping by my side. The way he was hovering around me made him look like a Jack the Ripper stalking his next victim and less like a frustrated boyfriend with a disobedient girlfriend on wheels. Everyone who was in an aisle we were in would give him a rather large berth. They could tell he was a man who was having difficulties controlling his anger.
What I saw was a man who needed a nice long blow job to get all the tension out, but he’d just have to deal with it. He could chase me around, cursing under his breath; it added to the freakish, hot sensuality he was exuding in that moment. That “I’m going to spank your ass red so you can never sit in a scooter again” vibe that was exciting me, but could not override my freedom fun.
He was furious, fists clenched at his side, and I could tell he wanted an outlet. It was amusing to play with him, so I laid it on thicker, smiling and waving at him like I was on parade. He growled. My smile turned to a glare. Spoilsport.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Breach - delete scene

Coffee, Books, and Lipgloss has come up with a new and excellent idea: CBL Digest!

This months edition includes an excerpt from Dissolution (Breach #1.5) and a DELETED scene from Breach!

Off the cutting room floor special scene! Go check it out and download the first edition!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Good news everyone!! Dissolution is ready and will be available for sale of the 13th!!

Dissolution is a short story detailing the last three chapters of Breach from Nathan's point of view. It gets you into his messed up head as well as seeing all that was missed in Lila's perspective!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breach Paperback is in the house!!!

This is an awesome, beautiful sight. The culmination of over 2 years of writing, re-writing, editing, more editing. Pouring my heart, soul, and life into...

And it all end with a beautiful stack of books.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breach Paperback

I got the proof for the paperback of Breach in today and it is officially for sale on Createspace!!!

It will take another week to become available on Amazon, so I'll let you know when it's available there.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Breach Sale!!

Breach is on sale for $.99! Get your copy now!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dissolution (Breach, #1.5)

I have decided to publish a short novella of a few chapters of Breach from Nathan's POV. It will fill in the gap between book 1 and 2.

Here you go! The cover!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Breach the never going to get here paperback edition...

Bad news my paperback people... I'm so ticked off and I will never use this service again. Just found out it will be 2 weeks until I get the proof!! That means 2 weeks at least until the paperback is on sale!

I'm so sorry to everyone who is waiting. I'm desperate to have it in my hands. I paid for a service so that it would look it's best, and it is so slow it's biting me in the ass.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Breach 1.5??

I just had a thought! My Nathan lovers will probably be all over it. I have a Nathan POV section for the last three chapters of Breach that I didn't know what to do with. Maybe a short little novella for Nathan? Think it over. ;)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Breach on Amazon!

25 hours early (by my clock)!!!!!

Breach is now up on Amazon!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reciprocity (Breach, #3)

I don't know why I didn't add this when I added Infraction, but here you go! Reciprocity, the third and final title in the Breach Trilogy.

Breach Blog Tour!!

First stop of the Breach blog tour is up!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Infraction (Breach #2)

How could I forget?!?!

I've been so stressed about the print version of Breach not being ready, I completely forgot to add book 2 to Goodreads! Still working on the cover, so that will be revealed later!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Soapy Mayhem made this for me the other day! <3

I give a happy sigh seeing my book in a stack... :D

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breach ARC's

Last call for ARC receivers!!! ARC copies are going out this week!!

Breach will soon be available, so I'm looking for people who are willing to review it on Amazon and Goodreads in exchange for an ARC.

If you are up for the task, please pm your name, email, and what format you need.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

The Next Big Thing ~ Blog Hop 06 March 13~ THE NEXT BIG THING – BLOG HOP

What’s a blog hop? It’s a great way readers can discover new authors! Here, I tell you all about my upcoming novel due to come out in April. You’ll also get links below to other authors I’d like you to check out. I’d like to thank fellow author RE Hargrave for inviting me to participate.

You can find her HERE

In this particular hop I’ve answered 10 questions, giving you a few exclusives and sneak peeks … I hope you enjoy!

1. What’s the title of your book? Breach

2. Where did the idea come from? It started out as me wanting to write a smut piece. As soon as I began writing it took a turn and because the deepest emotional story I’ve ever written. It exploded from a fairly light story, to two broken characters and their journey of healing and accepting love. It sprung into a trilogy, with each book being a stage in their relationship and fight against that which haunts them.

3. What genre does your book come under?

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? I went searching for the answer to this, because I hadn’t thought about it. David Gandy for Nathan. He looks just like the picture in my head, I just didn’t know there was a real person that looked that way. If not him than Michael Fassbender. I really like Mia Wasikowska for Delilah, but I can also see Emily Blunt or Lauren Cohan. 

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?  Two broken people caught up in the chaos of lust find their match, but can they accept each other, or will it be their destruction?

6. Is your book published by an independent publisher? It is a self published piece.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? A year to write the first draft, then four months to go back through it after a break. Book one and two were written in that time.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? When I tell people about my book, the easiest thing to say is that it’s along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey, only better. ;)

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?  I just wanted to write something smutty, a fun piece, but it took on a life of its own.

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
 Nathan is beautifully damaged. He fights his attraction and affections for Delilah to the core, in almost violent ways. It’s a love story, combined with mystery, healing, and dirty talking sex.


They were punishing. He grabbed my waist with a feral grip, pulling me to him hard while he thrust into me even harder. The way we both needed it.
There would be bruises in the morning from where his hands found purchase, but I didn’t mind.
The day was the same as the one before as he took from my body, my heart, my soul. In return he gave himself to me the only way he knew how: with bruising hands, passionate kisses, and hard thrusts.
His body was sin, his cock was sin, and I was a sinner.
His hands moved up my thighs, long slender fingers playing my body, bending me to his will. They were a delicious torture as well as his words.
His lips sucked at my neck, teeth digging in, making my eyes roll back; another mark.
I grinned. He loved marking, and I loved hiding them from people. They were proof, a reminder of his need, his pleasure.
My tongue ran up the column of his neck before I found the perfect location to mark him as well. The spot I choose, just below his ear, would make it visible, unable to be hidden by the collar of his dress shirt.
It would make his admirers mad with wonder when they came around to bug him the next day. I smiled at the thought of them finding out he was breaking the rules every day with me, and not them.
Hollywood had nothing on us. Awards could be given for the lies we told, and the feelings we hid under a mask of hate and indifference.
He pulled my hair, bringing my focus back to him, his teeth scraping my neck. No doubt leaving small pink trails on my skin. He growled. “You’re not paying attention to my cock, Lila.”
A shiver ran down my spine and my muscles clenched around him, eliciting a rumble deep in his chest. He thrust hard and deep, causing me to scream out in response.
He picked up the pace. “That’s it, baby. That’s what I like to hear.” He was pushing me to the edge again. “Scream for me. I want everyone to hear what I do to you.”
My mind was fuzzy, lost in a sea of lust. I obeyed and let go, no longer holding back. My screams echoed around the room, and that trademark smirk of his formed on his perfect features.
His mouth moved down to my breasts where he began licking and nipping. The combination of sensations from his body’s assault was too much. His name spilled from my lips on a scream as my back arched off the bed. My hands grabbed his arms; nails digging in as my walls constricted around him.
“Fuck, you feel so damn good when you come around my cock.”
I was too far gone to respond, my body going lax after my orgasm. He was still going. Both hands were back on my hips as he drove into me. His stamina was unparalleled. How many times in the past had I been forced to come multiple times before he spilled inside me?
“God, I’m close,” he grunted before pulling out.
I whimpered at the loss, but knew what he was doing. What he wanted from me.
I managed to turn my body around, coming face to face with his cock and took him into my eager mouth. I lapped up my juices from him as my tongue swirled around his length. His eyes were on me, watching his cock disappear between my lips. He loved to watch me suck him after being buried in my pussy. I sucked hard, punishing him as he had me. I was rewarded with a hiss and a flex of his hips. My teeth grazed his skin. He moaned deep in his chest, his panting gaining speed, muscles tensing.
His hands wrapped up in my hair just as he began to thrust, fucking my mouth. He was grunting and moaning as he hit the back of my throat. I reached up to massage his balls, adding to the sensations.
“Fuck!” he cried out. His hips flexed forward before jerking. He came hard; spurt after spurt, sliding into my mouth and down my throat.
After licking him clean, I released him from my mouth. I smiled up at him and he leaned down to kiss me. The kiss was passionate, as were all his kisses. It was also harsh; his teeth biting on my lip, scraping it, tasting himself.
He got a rag to clean me up before lying down and curling into one another. Tomorrow was closing in. Another day of wearing masks and hiding what we wanted, what we were, from the world. Another day of denying each other. Another night of punishing to look forward to.
Why was he punishing? Because I called to him, and let him do what he wanted to me. Then punishing himself for wanted me and doing whatever he wanted to me.
Punishing us for our breach.

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you go on to read the authors listed below next Wednesday for their post. Please visit and "like" my Facebook page for additional teasers and updates.

Below are the authors joining me in the Blog Hop, next Wednesday. Do be sure to bookmark their sites and add them to your calendars for updates and New Releases! Happy Writing and Reading!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Helping Hand

I have a request, it’s a small one, and takes little of your time, but it can help me a lot. Below is a list I found about free things you can do to help out an indie author. While none of my books are up on Amazon yet, they will be soon.

Please help on Goodreads if you have one, and vote on this list. Breach is currently 262, and Obsession is currently 1061. With each vote they can move higher up in rank, especially Obsession (a few votes can move it 
about 500).

Another free way gives you a little surprise as well. For those who are willing to help will receive one of the book marks below. I will send 6, but request you give five of them away to friends, family, co-workers; anyone who would be interested. Are you interested in helping me in this way? Please PM Catastrophia Of Trinity if you are.

FREE things you can do to help an indie author:

--"Like" their Facebook book or author pages. Lots of book pages feature indie authors. When you see one of them as you're scrolling, hover over their names and click "like" when the box appears. If you're not interested in seeing their updates on your timeline, un-check the box that appears when you over over "liked."

-- "Like" them on Amazon. Tags have disappeared and the "Like" button seems to be vanishing, too, but some book pages still have it. Give them some love while you still can.

-- Shelve them on Goodreads. You don't have to rate them or review. Simply putting them on a shelf -- according genre or whether it's first-person, love triangle, whatever-- helps make the book more popular.

-- If you have read the book, please give the author a review. It doesn't have to be glowing or wordy. Just saying one or two things you liked, or even stuff you didn't like, is sufficient. Post your review on Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari, B&N, iTunes... The more places, the better, and it's okay to cut-and-paste the same review to each site.

--Tweet or post on Facebook about books you liked.

--If Amazon sends you an email about the book, give it a click. It helps the book gain rank in the algorithm.

-- Re-Tweet or share their posts about their book, sales, excerpts, etc.

-- Next time you're at the library or bookstore, ask them to carry the book.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Author Interview

Author interview up on Italian Brat's Obsession!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mayhem Erotica Launch

Our goal at Mayhem Erotica is to provide readers with the best in sensual storytelling by merging dynamic and well-developed characters. With intriguing plots and tantalizing love scenes, our writers will deliver readers to new depths of debauchery by arousing and stimulating the senses.

Launch Banner
Mayhem Erotica Publishing would like you to join us in celebrating our official company launch. Readers are invited to participate in an ME Author Q&A, Self-Publishing Discussion, Pimp Your Porn Hour, Exclusive Teasers, and a Giveaway of over $1,000.00 in prizes!
Panel 0

Monday, February 18, 2013


Summary: Laurel’s admiration for her boss, Shane, has gone overboard into a dangerous place – love. She’s watched and wanted him for over three years; time and women passing through his life, including his short lived second marriage. Playful office antics created out of frustration, set in motion the blurring of lines between assistant and her employer. Does it stop there, or will Shane be able to show Laurel she’s not the only one with an obsession?

Coming Summer 2013!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Breach Trailer

Breach trailer is in!!

You can also view on youtube here:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mayhem Erotica

It's so exciting to be able to tell people about this new venture with Mayhem Erotica. I'm so excited, not only for myself, but for all the other authors I'm going on this journey with.

So, here you go, my first Mayhem Erotica title!!