Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Cover

After much consideration, I have decided to split Breach up into 2 separate books. Why? Because it is simply too long. It reaches the maximum page length unless I want to reduce the text size, but I don't want to squint to read. Do you? Also, Reciprocity is not going to be as long as Breach.

Below is the cover designed by the talented L.J. Anderson who you can find here:
Please check her out as she is not only wildly talented with book covers and banner, but writing as well.

This was created prior to the decision to split the book up, and I believe will actually be the cover to book 2,  Infraction.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are going to being including the sequel to Breach--Reciprocity. I head Breach on FanFiction, and I absolutely loved it. You had mentioned at the end of Breach in your A/N that you were writing the sequel, Reciprocity; however, then you announced that you were self-publishing. Now, I am just so excited to hear that the sequel will be book 2. Yeah!

    When you self-publish, will the books be available through Amazon and loadable to a Kindle? Hoping, hoping so! Whenever I hear of a new book that I am excited to read, I often like to preorder from Amazon. However it is available, I need most definitely to read it.

    I was following "Kismet" on TWCS, so I was sad to hear that your story had been "safeworded". Damm. I look forward to reading the rest of "Kismet", so I guess I will have to put your blogspot in my "Favorites" to enable me to keep up with the publishing details.

    I love your stories, and, by the way, I think that "Conventioneers" is simply a hoot. I do hope you finish it.